We offer our partners the opportunity to enhance their value proposition to their customers, through our range of smart solutions. With more than 1 000 current business partners, M-Sure has a diverse range of partners. These include motor dealers, call centres, brokers and insurers.

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Motor Dealerships

We ensure that you can focus on your core business of selling cars. Join our network of nationwide motor dealers and unlock smart solutions for you and for your clients.

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We pride ourselves in offering:

Brilliant Key Account Teams

We provide you with dedicated teams – from relationship management, to policy administration, accounting and claims. This means optimal accuracy. As experts on claims, this ensures exceptional service to you and your customers.

Compliance solutions

With the regulatory environment becoming more complex every day, we provide you with alternatives that suit your business requirements.

Retention Solutions

M-Sure has a robust retentions programme in place that identifies clients reaching their end of term policies. Through the use of this programme, we are able to retain clients wishing to cancel and extend policies for clients where required. With a dedicated team of experts, we ensure the best for your clients at every step of their vehicle ownership.

2nd phase sales

The vehicle buying process entails a significant amount of paperwork. The opportunity to explain value adding motoring solutions often gets lost in the process. With our in-house data science capability and specialist contact centre team, we identify customers and sell further smart solutions, even months after the vehicle sale.


Operating a business linked to the automotive industry within the current economic, regulatory and competitive environment poses challenges and a myriad of risks. Despite the best governance, things can go wrong. For this reason, we’ve developed risk mitigation solutions. This ensures that those unintentional oversights, do not result in unplanned financial burdens or disgruntled customers.

Smart Brand Extension

We enhance your offering so you become a differentiated brand in your own right.

Get In Touch

We believe that the cornerstone of good service is good communication.

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Brokers, Insurers & FSPs

If your value proposition to your customers relates to the core and primary risks your customers are exposed to, M-Sure’s smart solutions will add value by providing cover for niche and unique risks.

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Additional Strategic Partners

If you’re in the business of offering products and services to your customers, relating to their vehicles, our range of smart solutions could just add the extra value you need to differentiate your value proposition.

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