Gets you back into the driving seat. Pays-out 10% of the value that your vehicle was originally insured for in the event of a total loss claim.


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Deposit Cover is best explained using a simple, practical example:

Cameron buys a brand new vehicle and insures the vehicle for its purchase price - R 348 900. At the same time, he takes out Deposit Cover from M-Sure.

Life is great until, one day, Cameron comes out of the mall to find an empty parking space where his beautiful vehicle used to be. The tracking company has no luck in retrieving it and Cameron has no choice but to admit that his beloved vehicle is gone forever.

Deposit Cover pays Cameron 10% of the initial purchase price of R 348 900, which leaves him with an amount of R 34 890 to put down as a deposit on a brand new replacement vehicle.


Not sure what our Deposit Cover solution covers? 

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Our Deposit Cover solution in a bit more detail

Deposit Cover helps you get back on the road. We will look after:

  • 10% of the original purchase price of your vehicle at policy commencement date. For example if you bought your vehicle for R 300 000 we will pay-out R 30 000 [R 300 000 x 10% = R 30 000], towards
    • a deposit on a new vehicle*
    • a holiday, school fees or trauma counselling due to  hijacking*
    • those extras that you always wanted on your next vehicle*
    • a shortfall at the bank if the vehicle was financed
  • R 20 000 in the event of your accidental death or permanent total disability caused directly by a motor vehicle accident involving your vehicle**

Scenario events

Vehicle written off or stolen, hijacked and not recovered – a total loss


Death or permanent total disability


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deposit Cover only for cases of theft and hijacking?
No, Deposit Cover activates at any situation of a total loss - whether or not it is an accident, write-off, or theft.

What can Cameron use the Deposit Cover pay-out for?
That's completely up to Cameron. Many people prefer to use the pay-out as a deposit on a new vehicle, but Cameron can use it for counselling if he was involved in a traumatic experience, a holiday to take his mind off things, or whatever else Cameron chooses.

Does Cameron have to finance his vehicle through the bank?
Deposit Cover is for all types of buyers. Whether Cameron bought his vehicle cash, or financed it. The important part is the initial purchase price of the vehicle.



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