Sometimes, it's the driver that needs a bit of TLC. Pays the outstanding amount or instalment on your vehicle finance should you become seriously ill, unable to work, or pass away.


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The Lifestyle Protection Plan is best explained using a simple, practical example:

Lebo purchases the vehicle of her dreams - a brand new vehicle for R 530 000. She gets finance through the bank and, for a couple of years, life couldn't be better.

During a doctor's visit, Lebo gets the news that everyone dreads - she is diagnosed for the first time with cancer and will need to undergo treatment to combat the disease. Unfortunately, the treatment leaves Lebo unable to work.

The Lifestyle Protection Plan steps in and pays the outstanding amount of the vehicle owed to the bank.


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Our Lifestyle Protection Plan solution in a bit more detail

  • A Lifestyle Protection Plan from M-Sure takes the risk out of buying on credit
  • We will look after the outstanding amount due to the bank* and pay the following additional^ amounts:
    • R 10 000 funeral cover
    • Same amount that we pay to the bank, to your family
    • 10% of all premiums paid
  • We will pay your monthly premium due to the bank**

Age group specifics
Plan options available to choose from

18 - 69

18 - 69

65 - 72
Bronze option 1

70 - 77
Bronze option 2

Scenario events






Total and permanent disability




Seriously ill




Temporary total disability




Hospitalisation or Retrenchment
(but not both)








Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lifestyle Protection Plan only cover serious diseases?
No, we cover a whole range of diseases, disabilities and unforeseen life events. The Lifestyle Protection Plan will be there for you in cases of:

  • Serious Illness: cancer, stroke, heart attack, heart bypass surgery*
  • Becoming totally and permanently disabled*
  • Becoming temporarily totally disabled**
  • Prolonged hospitalisation or retrenchment**
  • Death*

Does Lebo need to be comprehensively insured for the Lifestyle Protection Plan to pay out?
The Lifestyle Protection Plan works independently from her vehicle and other life insurance policies she might have, so we will look after Lebo regardless of whether or not she has either of those financial solutions.

If Lebo is retrenched, what will the pay-out be?
The Lifestyle Protection Plan will pay-out 6 monthly premiums due to Lebo’s finance company, once during the lifetime of the policy

Who will submit the claim in the event of Lebo’s passing away?
Any of the following entities can submit the claim: beneficiary, executor or finance company

Which plan has the most cover?
The Gold plan will cover the outstanding amount due to the bank as well as the additional amounts



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