If you have zero appreciation for depreciation. Our Vehicle Value Protector covers the declining value of your vehicle from the date of purchase to the date of a total loss claim.


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The Vehicle Value Protector is best explained using a simple example:

Tracey buys a brand new car for R 543 000. Barely five months later, in rush hour traffic another vehicle ploughs into Tracey's beautiful new vehicle.

Tracey is okay, but her vehicle is written off. Tracey's vehicle is written off and her insurer agrees to pay a sum of R460 000.

Fortunately, Tracey opted to obtain a Vehicle Value Protector plan from M-Sure, which pays the difference between the purchase price R 543 000 and the vehicle value R 460 000 at the time of the loss. I.e., in this case, Tracey will receive R 83 000.

Tracey is one happy lady.


Not sure what our Vehicle Value Protector solution covers? 

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Our Vehicle Value Protector solution in a bit more detail

M-Sure it with a Vehicle Value Protector policy, we will look after the difference between the declining value of your vehicle from date of purchase to date of loss. If your vehicle was

  • New*
    • the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and the current retail value. If the difference is less than R 6 000, we will always pay-out R 6 000
  • Used**
    • The difference between the retail value at policy start date and at loss date.

During this process, you will also start thinking of replacing your vehicle, and this pay-out will assist significantly

Solution option available

Scenario events

Vehicle written off or stolen, hijacked and not recovered – a total loss




   Death or permanent total disability


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Vehicle Value Protector only cover new cars?
The Vehicle Value Protector is geared towards new and pre-owned cars. The only difference is that, with a pre-owned car, the initial value is determined by the car's retail value at the time of purchase.

Do I have to finance my car through the bank to qualify for the Vehicle Value Protector?
No, the Vehicle Value Protector covers all purchase options - whether by loan, or cash.

When does the Vehicle Value Protector pay out?
Whenever your car is considered a total loss - this could be as a result of an accident, theft or hijacking without recovery, or written off.



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