Keep your car in mint condition! Our RenewTech solution assists with the restoration and maintenance of your vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance.


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RenewTech is for people who value their vehicles and want to keep them in great condition. It's best explained with a simple example:

Tarryn has saved up for a few years and she's finally able to get the vehicle of her dreams - a pre-owned sports vehicle. Tarryn loves her vehicle and even personalised the number plates as "Macy".

Following a successful shopping spree, Tarryn walks up to her vehicle and noticed that an inconsiderate person has bumped into Macy with a shopping cart. A scratch now ruined the impeccable surface of her beloved vehicle.

Resisting the urge to go on a blind rampage, Tarryn phones M-Sure, where she has a RenewTech policy. Within no time, she's directed to an expert repairer, and Macy is restored to her original look at no cost to Tarryn. Love all over again.


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Our RenewTech solution in a bit more detail

Keep your vehicle in good condition and possibly boost the value with RenewTech from M-Sure, while we will look after you,

    • when you have to fix or repair small and minor exterior* and interior** items of your vehicle, taking the guesswork out of selecting repairers through a reputable administrator with just one phone call. It’s your guarantee of quality maintenance andrestoration work through our repairer network.
    • if you don’t use any of the exterior and interior solutions under your RenewTech policy within a 2 year period, you qualify for a paint work treatment and air-conditioner regassing benefit***
  • In addition, you don’t have to make provision for unexpected restoration and maintenance repairs out of your own pocket, or claiming from your motor comprehensive insurance policy

Solution options available

Solution options to choose from




Scenario events









Paint work treatment and air-conditioner re-gas




Solution pay-out limits that will refresh every 90 days

R3 000

R4 000

R5 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Renewtech only cover interior and exterior damage once?
No. RenewTech is designed to keep your vehicle in great condition for up to 48 months. The pay-out limits refresh every 90 days.

Do I need to claim from my insurance to cover the costs of repair?
RenewTech looks after the costs of most small maintenance and restoration repairs without the need to get your insurance involved where you will pay an excess in any case.


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