Our extensive range of Mechanical Breakdown Warranty solutions assists with unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failures.


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The Mechanical Breakdown Warranty is best explained using a simple example:

Thumi buys a brand new vehicle with a 3 year/100 000 km manufacturer’s warranty.

All goes well, until one night, 3 years and 4 months later, Thumi's vehicle makes a noise that was last heard when dragons roamed the earth. Thumi is no mechanic, but she reckons that it's probably best to pull to the side of the road and to phone for assistance.

Her vehicle is picked up and towed to the nearest repair shop, where she is informed that her engine has experienced some mechanical failure. Long story short, the repair cost would make a billionaire blush and seeing that she's out of the manufacturer’s warranty, the cost will be for her pocket.

Thumi is not shaken. She took out a Mechanical Breakdown Warranty and confidently showed her policy to the workshop owner. M-Sure stepped in and looked after the repair and towing cost.

Thumi feels like a winner.

Not sure what the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty solutions cover? 

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The Mechanical Breakdown Warranty solution in a bit more detail

Drive worry-free with a Mechanical Breakdown Warranty from M-Sure and we will look after you

  • When you experience a mechanical breakdown, or electrical failure, due to the breaking or burning of components**. Whether it is
    • an emergency event, providing roadside assistance, where you pay for the damages and claim it back from the warranty company
    • towing your vehicle to a repairing dealer, let them investigate, quote, get approval, continue with the repair and thereafter payment will be finalised by the warranty company

Solution options available

  • We have a number of solution options. Your vehicle’s age and mileage will determine the best solution option available
  • The components** shown here is an overview of potential components that can be covered

Components covered**




Differential lock

Transfer box

Turbo assembly

Management system


Electronic ignition


Cooling system


Wheel bearings

Braking system

Fuel system

Electrical components

Electrical winch

Free wheel hubs

Prop shaft (drive shafts)

CV joints

Steering mechanism



Emission control

Cylinder head gasket

Drive pulleys

Cambelt failure

Viscous and electric fans

Electric motors (sunroof)

Electric mirrors

Central locking

GPS navigation system

Entertainment system

Phone system

Transponder key

Alarms and immobiliser

Additional benefits

Vehicle hire

Overnight accommodation

Instalment payment protection

Insurance excess payment

Public transport

Strip and quote

Roadside assistance


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty only for new vehicles?
No, the plan covers new and pre-owned vehicles.

Can I place my vehicle that I use for business under a Mechanical Breakdown Warranty?
Absolutely. We cover a range of vehicles, from motorcycles to used trucks.

Does the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty cover the costs of my regular services?
Unfortunately not. There is a difference between a warranty plan and a service plan. The warranty plan only covers a selection of mechanical breakdowns and electrical failures. Should they find such a breakdown during the service, it will fall under the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty, but the rest of the service will be covered by you, or your service plan.


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